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Targeting Solution System

Use your windows laptop and camera while you target practice. The system recognizes target hits, and uses data collected to make an improved ballistic solution for your rifle. Take the improved ballistic solution with you to the field; on your smart phone (app included), or print it on paper as ballistic tables.

Features and Benefits:

-Bullet hit on target location detection

-Advanced Ballistic Calculator built in; Spin Drift, Coriolis, G1, G7, Barometric Pressure, Temperature, Humidity, Angle of Fire, Energy, Time of Flight, Target Lead etc.

-Use off the shelf hardware; Windows laptops, Canon cameras (e.g. Rebel), and web cameras (digi-scoping). This provides flexibility for budget and performance. The hardware you buy can be used for other purposes.
     For example; if you decide to buy a nice digital camera, you can use it to take pictures also.

-Your equipment is placed behind the firing line, so you do not shoot it.

setup equipment

-Automatic Target recognition using Computer Vision

-Shows hit before and after image

-Switch between targets easily. The camera beside you, point it at a new target, and press FIND TARGET button. No need to walk down range.

-No hard limit on range, better optics gives better range, made possible by advanced image stabilization. With the right combination of; a high mega pixel digital camera, long optical zoom, and targeting solution system proprietary image stabilization, it is possible to detect hits at extremely long range.

-Muzzle velocity prediction

velocity graph

-Variation in gravity is taken into account for better ballistic accuracy. Extremely long range shots can be affected by gravity pull at different locations because the earth is not a perfect sphere. After air drag, gravity is the second largest force acting on a bullet. Other ballistic calculators assume the earth has a constant gravity; however it can differ by over half a percent with location.

-Off the grid (no internet required)

-Automatic gunshot detection using microphone

-Custom ballistic prediction for your individual rifle, from shooting sessions collected.

-Automatic range to target estimation using camera

-Multiple wind areas

-Wind is estimated down range automatically using computer vision algorithm. The system automatically detects mirage than estimates cross wind and calculates hold off. This is the first commercial system to do it!


-Group size detection

-Use as a shooting log book; hits, condition, write notes, and draw diagrams

-Comprehensive user manual

-Generates custom ballistic data for your individual rifle, to be printed on paper (ballistic tables) or loaded on a smart phone (TSSFieldBallisticCalculator app included) and taken to the field.


-Reticle projection onto image


-Easily switch between units used (mix units). Some examples; MOA, MRAD, millimeters, centimeters, inches, meters, feet, kilometers, miles, feet per second, meters per second, kilometers per hour, miles per hour, MBARS, inches of mercury, etc.

-Grid projected onto image ( in multiples of centimeters, inches, minutes of angle MOA, and milliradians Mils )

-Adjustable controls for adverse lighting conditions (e.g. glare from the sun)


-All detection is passive (not emitting radio or laser)

-Review previous target practice shooting session

-Hit location animation to spot your latest hit

-Manual adjustments

-Also works manually by loading a static jpeg file image of a target

-Reuse targets, even when peppered with bullet holes, Targeting Solution System will detect your shot location

-Automatic Scoring, for competitive shooters

For Targeting Solution System purchase enquiries please email: contact@aardvarkrobot.com

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